Typhoon Pedring

Typhoon Pedring shows no mercy over the Philippines. It has been raining non-stop since yesterday. I just hope it will stop soon because I’m worried for those who have been hit bad already by the storm.

earlier today, we didnt have elctricity

Earlier today, we didn’t have electricity. I was forced to us our emergency lamp while reading for my History class. It felt quite nice. It was so peaceful and nice not having any distraction.


Waiting to Fall

We can never really see what will happen in the future. We can always prepare our minds of what we expect to happen, but in the end, it will never really meet our true expectations. The future will either be something good or something bad. We are afraid of the future because it is something unfamiliar to us. At present, it is like we are standing on top of cliff, and our future is what we will find at the bottom when it is finally our turn to take that leap to discover what lies beneath us. It is a scary thought, but all of us must go through it everyday.

Next year, I and another batchmate of mine will be the eldest in the Ateneo Dancesport Club. As by ‘tradition’, the position of president is passed on to the next batch. I have been given the honor and responsibility to carry on the team for next year. I have a number of concerns about this.

  1. The presidents before me are great dancers. Their technique is perfection. However, I compared to them is like watching a new born elephant trying to stand on its legs.
  2. What if I won’t be able to reach the standards or legacy they have left with the team? Especially when in front of our coach, what if she sees that i am inadequate for the position?
  3. What if I’m not a good leader?
  4. What if I cannot think quickly on my feet?

I know that this will be my reality next year, but I have to start preparing for it mentally and emotionally. Right now, I’m learning everything I can from our present president. I don’t want to be a fish out of water when she leaves. I don’t want to be lost and confused. I want to show the team that they can count on me. I have to be strong for everyone. I cannot show weakness or fright. I am waiting nervously for when it is my turn to jump off the cliff and hope to land safely in what lies beneath me. We’ll never now how the fall will go, but we can always prepare for it.