Go Sees

Youknow how in America’s Next Top Model (or whichever [insert country here] Next Top Model), they let the top 4, 5 or 6 girls go on Go Sees? If you have no idea what a Go See is, here’s a link to a  video of Angelea from ANTM going on a Go See in New Zealand. Angelea on a Go See

I felt like being in a Go See because I had to go to different studios and try to sell the event that we were arranging. Kuya Teban, my driver, took me the placed I had to go to and I had the addresses in my notebook. It was fun 🙂

Now that’s done, today after class I went to different dance studios to invite to the dance sport competition that we’re arranging. I went to 5 different dance studios:

  1. Dance Avenue Studio (Vista Verde Cainta)
    The studio, supposedly, is found in the third floor of the J Center Building. They only had stairs. So I was climbing, made to the 2nd floor, then went to the next staircase, then… T_T. You see, the last staircase was open meaning there were holes under the steps and then the sides had big gaps in them. On my right, when you look down, you would see the road and there was no other protection or barrier to not let you fall off the staircase. Also, it was pretty steep. My eyes were half often the whole time I was climbing the steps. When I reached the end, the gate was closed. No luck with that studio.
  2. Movement Dance Studio (Union Bank Plaza, Meralco Avenue)
    I was glad that the dance studio was open. I was able to give the formal letter and entry forms. Cross your fingers guys!! I hope they’ll be able to send competitors!
  3. GenStudios (Pearl Plaza, Ortigas Center)
    I go in and see poles and girls doing their warm ups. I saw with my own two eyes when I was doing my research on the different ballroom studios here in Manila that GenStudios offer Ballroom dance lessons. When I got there, the girl I spoke to said that they don’t offer ballroom lessons. Boo.
  4. Regine Tolentino Dance Studio (Valencia Street, Gilmore)
    This was a successful one. I was able to give the letter and entry form to the person in charge. Regine Tolentino was just upstairs teaching a class. I had to fight the urge to ask the receptionist if I could go and watch her, even just for a little while. HAHA. I hope they send a lot of participants!
  5. Myra Beltran Dance Forum Studio (West Avenue)
    The original address I found on the internet was the wrong one. I think it’s now like a residential place. I don’t know. It looks super sketchy when I peeped through the hole in the gate. A girl answered. Here is how my conversation with the women went:

Me: Saan po yung Myra Beltran Dance Studio? (Where is the Myra Beltran Dance Studio?)
Woman: Doon. (There) **She had this annoyed tone in her voice. She didn’t even point which direction, not even with her mouth! Then she was already closing the gate. 😐
Me: **immediately responding** Saan po? (Where?)
Woman: Doon nga (I told you, its over there) **This time, she points with her finger, but she kept moving it from side to side. I got even more confused.
Me: Oo nga po. Saan nga po doon? (Yes, I know it’s there. But where there?)
Woman: Ayun oh. (It’s right there) **This time, she points at just one direction, but in the direction she was pointing to, there were a lot of doors. [I was starting to get frustrated] She was already frustrated that I kept asking where. IT IS NOT MY FAULT SHE’S NOT ANSWERING MY QUESTION PROPERLY 😐
Me: Oh, so saan nga po doon? Ang dami po kasing pwede pasukan. (So, where is it really? There are a lot of doors I could enter.)
Woman: **finally giving legit directions** Ayun, nakikita mo ba yung statue dun? Kumaliwa ka doon. (Do you see that statue over there? Turn left after the statue.)


Anyway, so I turned and I saw darkness. The gate was closed, however it had those diamond holes in it so you could still see the inside. I peeped inside. I was praying to God that nothing would come out and scare the pants off of me. It was closed. I will go back first thing tomorrow.

That’s how my day went. I will continue this tomorrow morning. I hope studios are open at 9am! They better be! HAHA I’m so happy that I don’t have Philosophy tomorrow. Our professors going out of town. I wish he’d never come back. Seriously. HAHA

Til the next entry

Samantha Jean


So, what do you want to do about it?

In 3 weeks, my dance org will be holding a Dancesport competition. This is the 3rd time we’ll be doing this sort of thing, and this time, it’s going to be bigger than the past two. It’s going to be held at Meralco Sports Center (The last two were held just in the Ateneo college covered courts).

I’m a charge of inviting schools and dance studios to the event. It’s a lot harder than you think. Most schools/studios do not cooperate properly. They keep on telling us to call back again in a few days or the person in charge is not available right now, blah blah blah. It’s very frustrating, especially when you have this huge responsibility on you. Imagine, if no school/studio confirms their participation to the event, the whole thing is going to fail because we (my committee members and I) failed on our part. Our current president cannot stress that enough.

I updated her last night about the current situation we have with the schools/studios that we have invited. No one has given any names of participants, but they did show signs of interest. Then, our president goes, “So, what do you want to do about that?”

I strayed from the obvious answer, which is to call them again tomorrow til eternity and keep on asking about their decision. I did not answer that. Instead, I said, “Is it wise to give them a deadline of giving the names of the participants?” She then replies, basically saying, “yes, but isn’t there already a deadline in the forms? remind them nicely that the due date is nearing. With the schools who have showed interest, isn’t it not enough?” I said, “yes. 3 schools have said no and were still waiting for the replies from the emails we sent out.”

A few minutes later, she sends a very long text message. Basically, she says our efforts are not enough and that we have to do something about it.

So, now what do I want to do about it? It’s very easy to just give up and lose hope at this point, but that’s stupid. I have two weeks til the deadline for the submission of entry forms and I have 0 competitors. (Well, besides the ones from Savannah Moon Dance Studio. Still, I try not to include them in the picture for now because well, it’s them. They’re always there.)

There’s always a way, and tomorrow, I will test the way I have chosen to follow. If that doesn’t work there are a billion ways to do it. If plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 letters left on the alphabet. Basically, what I’m saying is, what I want to do is do my best in this and pray that it will all turn out great in the end.

Wish me luck! Til the next entry

Samantha Jean

Date with myself :)

After finishing errands I had to do for my orgs, I decided to treat myself by shopping for the rest of the afternoon. I only planned to buy a bag and a shirt, and that’s it. After I’ve accomplished that, I told myself that I’d go straight home. I was expecting to be home at 5 pm. It’s 9:23pm now.

Shopping did make me feel relaxed. It’s such a good feeling to be able to buy a number of things. I was lucky that all the stores were on sale. Here’s the stuff I bought:

Smashbox Timeless lipgloss


MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick


Smashbox Eyeliner with sharpener


Top from Zara


Speakers from the Apple Store


Tank tops from Promod


Top from People are People


Top from Jellybean


After I went shopping, I decided to go to the cinema area to check to movies. Next thing I knew, I was falling in line to buy a ticket. I chose to watch Underworld: Awakening. When I was buying my ticket, the lady clicked two seats. I corrected her, of course. She did ask, in a very shocking-ish way, “Ma’am? Isa lang po? D2 (my seat number) lang po? Hindi na po D1?” . I calmly answered ‘yes’.

Inside the cinema, I sat down on seat D2. I was a bit early so my row and the rows behind and in front if me were empty. People started coming in, and the cinema started to fill. A couple of minutes later, a family of 3 chose the 3 vacant seats to my left. The dad and mom were both weirded out that I was all alone. Their son, however, was fine. He didn’t look at me. His dad said, “anak, dun ka na sa pinaka malayo” Some of my friends were like, “but it’s so sad to watch alone. You should’ve invited me” I didn’t find myself feeling lonely at all. I actually did have fun watching a movie on my own 🙂

Underworld: Awakening was a sick movie. Kate Beckinsale looked very hot and fierce. The werewolves type things scared the hell out of me, especially the biggest one. It was graphic and the effects were nice. The storyline was good. It’s one badass movie 🙂 Rating: 9/10

Ultimately, I very much enjoyed today. I finally got to watch a movie alone and went on a fun shopping spree. I got to thinking that what if I’d do this every weekend (just the watching movie part…the shopping, uhm, I don’t wanna lose money HAHA). Sounds fun! 🙂

Samantha Jean

Stressful Week Ahead

I’m not sure if it was yesterday or two days ago where I was asked to join the Ateneo Idol along with my dance partner. The cash price for the winner is PHP20,000. The Ateneo Dancesport Club really could use that kind of money. With all the money problems with the PE Department and the upcoming Ateneo Open Dancesport Competition in February, PHP20,000 would really be very helpful.

However, two problems arise in my current situation. First, I just found out yesterday that we had to audition before joining the competition. My partner and I were panicking like crazy last night on how we were going to choreograph a 3 minute routine in such a short time. We will manage. In fact, yesterday, we already finished roughly 2 minutes of the routine. There’s still a long way to go to finish the last minute. For me, that’s always the hard part when choreographing a dance. The end must always me something that will really leave a huge impact to the judges and the audience. Also, we still have to clean the dance and perfect our highlights. We’re having a bit of a trouble thinking of highlights that would wow the audience. Second, after the audition, what if they say ‘no’? HAHAHAHA. I’ve checked the sign-up sheets and there are only a few couples who have signed up. I hope they won’t say no to anyone because the more acts there are, the better the show’s going to be. I don’t want to jinx our chances by saying anything more.

Besides these two things I have to worry about, there are those little details that are, of course, very important. These are our costumes, the music that we’re going to use, make-up, etc… Basically, presentation wise, we still don’t know what to do.

Starting today til next Saturday, I will be rehearsing non-stop for the Ateneo Idol and also for the Ateneo Fair because we will be performing there as well. I am preparing myself for the physical pain that I will have to endure during this time HAHA. I’m ready for the blisters, muscle pains and bruises. (My back and abs still hurt from Wednesday’s training. It hurts to cough or sneek HAHA)

Aside from this, I have to pass a book review on the 10th for my International Political Economy Class and a test on the 11th in my French class.

Right now, I’m not panicking as I would have before. I will face next week with a positive mood and try to do by best to finish all the tasks I have at hand. For me, it’s bearable because I get to do what I love to do and the academic requirements are fairly okay for me.

‘Til the next entry.