Date with myself :)

After finishing errands I had to do for my orgs, I decided to treat myself by shopping for the rest of the afternoon. I only planned to buy a bag and a shirt, and that’s it. After I’ve accomplished that, I told myself that I’d go straight home. I was expecting to be home at 5 pm. It’s 9:23pm now.

Shopping did make me feel relaxed. It’s such a good feeling to be able to buy a number of things. I was lucky that all the stores were on sale. Here’s the stuff I bought:

Smashbox Timeless lipgloss


MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick


Smashbox Eyeliner with sharpener


Top from Zara


Speakers from the Apple Store


Tank tops from Promod


Top from People are People


Top from Jellybean


After I went shopping, I decided to go to the cinema area to check to movies. Next thing I knew, I was falling in line to buy a ticket. I chose to watch Underworld: Awakening. When I was buying my ticket, the lady clicked two seats. I corrected her, of course. She did ask, in a very shocking-ish way, “Ma’am? Isa lang po? D2 (my seat number) lang po? Hindi na po D1?” . I calmly answered ‘yes’.

Inside the cinema, I sat down on seat D2. I was a bit early so my row and the rows behind and in front if me were empty. People started coming in, and the cinema started to fill. A couple of minutes later, a family of 3 chose the 3 vacant seats to my left. The dad and mom were both weirded out that I was all alone. Their son, however, was fine. He didn’t look at me. His dad said, “anak, dun ka na sa pinaka malayo” Some of my friends were like, “but it’s so sad to watch alone. You should’ve invited me” I didn’t find myself feeling lonely at all. I actually did have fun watching a movie on my own 🙂

Underworld: Awakening was a sick movie. Kate Beckinsale looked very hot and fierce. The werewolves type things scared the hell out of me, especially the biggest one. It was graphic and the effects were nice. The storyline was good. It’s one badass movie 🙂 Rating: 9/10

Ultimately, I very much enjoyed today. I finally got to watch a movie alone and went on a fun shopping spree. I got to thinking that what if I’d do this every weekend (just the watching movie part…the shopping, uhm, I don’t wanna lose money HAHA). Sounds fun! 🙂

Samantha Jean


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