Go Sees

Youknow how in America’s Next Top Model (or whichever [insert country here] Next Top Model), they let the top 4, 5 or 6 girls go on Go Sees? If you have no idea what a Go See is, here’s a link to aĀ  video of Angelea from ANTM going on a Go See in New Zealand. Angelea on a Go See

I felt like being in a Go See because I had to go to different studios and try to sell the event that we were arranging. Kuya Teban, my driver, took me the placed I had to go to and I had the addresses in my notebook. It was fun šŸ™‚

Now that’s done, today after class I went to different dance studios to invite to the dance sport competition that we’re arranging. I went to 5 different dance studios:

  1. Dance Avenue Studio (Vista Verde Cainta)
    The studio, supposedly, is found in the third floor of the J Center Building. They only had stairs. So I was climbing, made to the 2nd floor, then went to the next staircase, then… T_T. You see, the last staircase was open meaning there were holes under the steps and then the sides had big gaps in them. On my right, when you look down, you would see the road and there was no other protection or barrier to not let you fall off the staircase. Also, it was pretty steep. My eyes were half often the whole time I was climbing the steps. When I reached the end, the gate was closed. No luck with that studio.
  2. Movement Dance Studio (Union Bank Plaza, Meralco Avenue)
    I was glad that the dance studio was open. I was able to give the formal letter and entry forms. Cross your fingers guys!! I hope they’ll be able to send competitors!
  3. GenStudios (Pearl Plaza, Ortigas Center)
    I go in and see poles and girls doing their warm ups. I saw with my own two eyes when I was doing my research on the different ballroom studios here in Manila that GenStudios offer Ballroom dance lessons. When I got there, the girl I spoke to said that they don’t offer ballroom lessons. Boo.
  4. Regine Tolentino Dance Studio (Valencia Street, Gilmore)
    This was a successful one. I was able to give the letter and entry form to the person in charge. Regine Tolentino was just upstairs teaching a class. I had to fight the urge to ask the receptionist if I could go and watch her, even just for a little while. HAHA. I hope they send a lot of participants!
  5. Myra Beltran Dance Forum Studio (West Avenue)
    The original address I found on the internet was the wrong one. I think it’s now like a residential place. I don’t know. It looks super sketchy when I peeped through the hole in the gate. A girl answered. Here is how my conversation with the women went:

Me: Saan po yung Myra Beltran Dance Studio? (Where is the Myra Beltran Dance Studio?)
Woman: Doon. (There) **She had this annoyed tone in her voice. She didn’t even point which direction, not even with her mouth! Then she was already closing the gate. šŸ˜
Me: **immediately responding** Saan po? (Where?)
Woman: Doon nga (I told you, its over there) **This time, she points with her finger, but she kept moving it from side to side. I got even more confused.
Me: Oo nga po. Saan nga po doon? (Yes, I know it’s there. But where there?)
Woman: Ayun oh. (It’s right there) **This time, she points at just one direction, but in the direction she was pointing to, there were a lot of doors. [I was starting to get frustrated] She was already frustrated that I kept asking where. IT IS NOT MY FAULT SHE’S NOT ANSWERING MY QUESTION PROPERLY šŸ˜
Me: Oh, so saan nga po doon? Ang dami po kasing pwede pasukan. (So, where is it really? There are a lot of doors I could enter.)
Woman: **finally giving legit directions** Ayun, nakikita mo ba yung statue dun? Kumaliwa ka doon. (Do you see that statue over there? Turn left after the statue.)


Anyway, so I turned and I saw darkness. The gate was closed, however it had those diamond holes in it so you could still see the inside. I peeped inside. I was praying to God that nothing would come out and scare the pants off of me. It was closed. I will go back first thing tomorrow.

That’s how my day went. I will continue this tomorrow morning. I hope studios are open at 9am! They better be! HAHA I’m so happy that I don’t have Philosophy tomorrow. Our professors going out of town. I wish he’d never come back. Seriously. HAHA

Til the next entry

Samantha Jean


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