London Calling

When I was aroud 7 years old, I discovered a whole new world through the amazing Harry Potter series (and no, I’m not just talking about the Wizarding World). I realized that it wasn’t just my own small town called Baguio and  the United States that were listed on a map. I came to realize that England was part of it.

I fell in love with England first. Russia came second; France came third. I don’t know eactly why I loved England at first (Well, besides the fact that I thought all the withces and wizards waving their wands and riding their brooms that I’ve read about in books were all true. Of course anything seems to be true at that young age.) I think because I thought there is someplace out there that I am not familiar with, and I wanted to know what it is.

For years I’ve dreamt of going to England (or anywhere in the UK) and finally see for myself what I’ve always longed to see. I want to feel the culture and breathe in the history. I want to walk down the streets, ride the tube, ride the London Eye, meet the queen (if that’s even possible haha). I’ve always had it in my head that I would go there alone sometime in the future – no matter how far into the future it may be. One day, I promised myself to check it off the list.

And now, I finally can. In a couple of days I’ll be on a plane headed for London. You have no idea how excited I am. Of course, I don’t show my excitement to anyone. Inside, fireworks are going off as I type this. and this. and this. BOOM.

I love my parents for supporting me through all this despite having two other children. My mom says I’m their most expensive child – with me going off to France last year and having to study in Manila mehehe. I cannot express how grateful I am to have my family behind me all the way. I will make you proud, mom and dad.

London in a few days. DAYS. Wish me luck! xxx


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