Maroon 5

Now before you go on thinking about their sexy lead vocalist, Adam Levine, and get lost in thought, let me first introduce the other band members who play their musical instruments briliantly. There’s James Valentine – lead guitarist, Michael Madden – bassist, Matt Flynn – drummer and Jesse Carmichael – keyboardist.

Although you cannot deny how wonderful Adam sings, I just love how differently their music sounds. I love how they sometimes put a jazzy feel in their songs. Each strum of the guitar is very specific. Each beat from the drum is so powerful and yet not too overwhelming. The way they play their instruments just jive with each other very well – not like any rock or RNB music.

Moving on, here are my TOP 10 favorite songs by Maroon 5.

Must Get Out

The Sun

Sunday Morning

Moves Like Jagger

Better That We Break

Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Wake Up Call

Won’t Go Home Without You





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