I’m finally in London! I arrived four days ago [April 26]. Let me first tell you guys about my flight experience. My flight from Manila to Hong Kong got super delayed. They said the they had to undergo some technical difficulties so they had to check the plane a billion times to make sure that it would fly smoothly. My connecting flight from HK to LDN is scheduled 2:40pm. I arrive HK 2:40pm. No worries though, I didn’t miss my flight. I knew that there would be Cathay Pacific attendants ushering us to the right gates. I just didn’t like to run in the airport. I wanted to look around. HAHA

So, obviously my flight to LDN got delayed as well. I finished baggage claim and went through immigration at 11pm. My mom’s friend met me at the arrival lounge. We had no time to say hi to each other. He just told me to run because we had to catch the last tube. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it so we rode the night bus instead.

We arrived at Notting Hill at 1am. Let me just tell you, the wind was so refreshing. I didn’t want to wear my jacket. I just wanted to embrace the cold and thank God that I finally made it to London safely. Needless to say, I fell asleep right away.

For the past days, I’ve been touring the city. I’ve seen mostly all the famous places; I’m already happy. Tomorrow, I officially start with my internship with Trisha, my blockmate. Can’t wait! xxx


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