5 Reasons Why I Love Dance

I may not have mentioned it here as much as I want to, but I am a dancer. I have been dancing since I was 5 or 6 years old, and I fell in love with it immediately. I started out with ballet, then hiphop, then belly dancing, tried hula dancing for a bit, now focusing on latin ballroom dancing.

People said that I’m one of those people who were born to dance. I’d like to think that. Dance for me isn’t just something I do for fun. I take it very seriously, and if I were given the change to start my life all over again, I’d honestly construct my life around dance. I like the idea of training everyday. It’s a tough thing to do, but I love the challenge.

To explain further, I give you 5 reasons why I love dance

  1. Dance Studios. I like how there’s so much space to move in a studio. While in a dance studio, you can actually dance without having anyone to judge you. Because for me, all I see in a dance studio is myself – my reflection in the mirror, trying to get every step right. A studio is very calming, and someday, I’d love to have one or at least own one.
  2. Blisters. Now, before you start cringing about the thought of hundreds of blisters on your feet, these for me are like my battle scars. haha. I know how silly that sounds, but I like seeing something that reminds me of all the hard work I’ve put in a dance.
  3. Costumes. I like fashion and dressing up. It’s nice to wear non-normal clothes once in a while.
  4. Applause. I find joy and seeing other people happy. Knowing that they appreciated what you did in front of them is some what fulfilling : )
  5. Choreography. It is only during this time where you will realize your true potential. A choreographer knows that you have no limits, and yet the dancer always holds back. I like how in each choreography, I get to experiment with new tricks,moves, and I get to see myself becoming a better dancer each rehearsal time.

Like I said, if I could rewrite my life all over again, I would choose the path that would let me dance forever. What a simpler life that would be.


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