(To whoever is reading this, I don’t have cancer. Its my uncle (dad’s side) who has lung cancer. I’ve posted a post about it already a few weeks ago)

My uncle had his first chemo therapy already on October 14, I think. He’s going to have his second one on November 4. Mom keeps injecting medicines in him to increase his white blood cells. Its good for him. The only side effect is that it makes him super dizzy. 

He’s lost patches of hair already, and he always has to weak a mask now. His immediate family does everything they can to make things easier for him. They even drive him all the way to La Union just to eat at Matutina or go to the beach. I see him fighting which is good. 

He went to the cemetery today to plant stuff where my grandparents and uncles are buried. He whispered to my dad, “I’ll go to the cemetery to plant and maybe fix the place for me already.” Its stuff like that that just makes you want to scream to the sky and ask, ‘Lord, why?’

My dad’s super worried. He avoids his brother if he can because he doesn’t want to see him suffer. He told my mom before, ‘I don’t want to see him. All I do is just bury my brothers’.

We were having dinner at a restaurant one Saturday with my family. We were having a happy conversation when suddenly we fell silent. My dad just blurted out, “How are we going to make it easier for him? Instead of him living for a few more months, how can we extend that into a year?’ 

To whoever is reading this, I may not know you, but can I ask a favor? Can I ask you to pray for my uncle – for him to not suffer so much. Or if you are not the religious kind, to just wish or hope or whatever it is you do for him to spend the rest of life happily, worry-free. Thank you. 

P.S. I’m sorry this post is all over the place. I just typed what came to my mind. 


2 thoughts on “CANCER UPDATE

  1. You shouldn’t be sorry for writing about your feelings and thoughts. It’s totally understandable. I’ve seen too many people suffer and die from cancer and too many families suffering because of it. I certainly do hope it won’t be the same for your uncle, you and the rest of your family. I’m not really religious, but I do wish you the very best! I know it must be incredibly hard for all of you to not expect a bad ending, but don’t give up on your uncle already. Of course it’s something you have to consider, but try to stay hopeful. Keep fighting. I’m hoping with you 🙂

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