Winnie the Pooh and Friends

My all time favorite Disney character ever since I was a little girl is Pooh Bear. He may not be the smartest bear in town but there’s just something about him that puts me in such a good mood. Not only is he cute (and yellow!), Pooh is like one of those characters that, for me when I was a little girl, you could talk to about anything (I did that. I talked to my stuffed toys before. mehehe)

Without further ado, I introduce you to Pooh Bear and his friends.

Pooh Bear is always very curios and very hungry! He enjoys honey eating, honey finding, thinking of ways to get more honey, etc. He lives in a tree in the Hundred Acre Woods along with some of his friends. Pooh is not the brightest of the bunch, but he has a big heart.  He asks a lot of questions and sometimes says things that make you go, ‘Huh. Silly ol’ bear is right’.




Piglet is very timid and is nervous 90% of the time. However, I like that he takes risks and even though he’s scared to death, he will do anything to help his friends or to prove that he isn’t just some shy, fragile character. He usually helps Pooh find ways to get more honey. He likes balloons a lot and doesn’t like being alone.





Tigger is always hyper, and when you see him not bouncing on you or around you, you know that something is wrong. I like his optimism, enthusiasm and his carefree-ness. He is the epitome of #YOLO because sometimes he doesn’t think. He just does things for fun. It may bite him in the ass, but at the end of the day, its one of those things that you’ll look back to and not regret doing it. There is no one like him; he’s ‘the only one’!




Eeyore is the world’s most popular pessimist. He doesn’t do very much. He likes sleeping a lot. He gives his two cents about things – but its the kind of opinion that puts you and even sadder mood. However, he likes being around his friends, and even if he is a sad donkey, his friends love him just the way he is.




Now, I did not like Rabbit at all when I was a kid. He was mean to Pooh and the others. He didn’t want them destroying his garden. I think that he thinks that he’s better than everyone else. He isn’t very social like the others. However, he does put his pride aside and helps the others too. He teaches them things, whether it be right or wrong.





Kanga is the sweetest mom Roo could ask for! She is always looking out for son (and sometimes, the other characters too). She is soft-spoken and ready to a kind word of advice or a warm pouch to hop in! Roo is the youngest in the Hundred Acre Woods. Since he very young, he is innocent and very curious. He likes to go on adventures and play with his friends.



Owl likes to think that he is the smartest creature in the Hundred Acre Woods, and lucky for him, the others think so too. He may not be always right, but everyone trusts him. He takes his role as a philosopher very seriously!





I fell in love with Heffalump immediately. He is young like Roo. Thus, he is very playful and curious as well. He is such a cute little fellow!







Last but not the least, we have Christopher Robin. His imagination is beyond anyone else’s. I like that he created such a nice place with characters with different personalities. There is something calming, when you’re a kid, about the fact that you get to play with your stuffed toys because the possibilities are infinite.



The gang from the Hundred Acre Woods is my childhood. They’ve always been there to cheer me up whenever I felt really sad or when I’m feeling stressed. I like that I have these guys to go back to and remind me of the simpler days. haha.


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