Love and Perseverance

Today was a good day. I started my day early-ish (early for me is before noon. lol) I’ve been craving pancakes for a couple of days now to the point where I was getting really irritable because I couldn’t eat pancakes. Anyway, today Marco and I went on a breakfast date at Pancake House to satisfy my cravings. I ordered the classic pancakes with sausage, and he ordered mini red velvet pancakes. He said they taste good but they just killed it with too much frosting!

After that, we decided to watch a movie. We couldn’t decide between 21 and Over or Stoker so we had to do the whole flip-a-coin thing. The coin dictated that we watch Stoker. So, we did. The movie wasn’t supposed to start for another 45 minutes or so, so I told him that I had to buy some make-up for my dance competition on Saturday. He willingly said he’d accompany me. While I was going around the department store buying stuff for my eyes, hair, lips and whatever else you could think of, he was just following me around carrying the basket. 🙂 I’m glad he didn’t get all impatient. I asked if he could tag along too when I go shopping for my graduation dress. He willingly said ‘Okay’. Maybe his patience will be tested then. HAHA.

When that was over, we headed on to the movie house and watched Stoker. That was a weird ass movie. Mia Wasikowska starred in it and so did Nicole Kidman. They both did amazing in the movie, I think.

After the movie, Marco decided to go home, and I had to go to school because my dance sport club members had to rehears for their performance this Saturday and also for the competition that they’ll be joining.

It took them a while to please me. Of course, I had to get mad at them, make them do it over and over again. I even had to let them do squats against the wall for 2 minutes. Nonetheless, that all paid off. Towards the end of the night, they became better and more confident about themselves. When Demi (she was sort of like my assistant that time) told them to just understand why I was getting mad and that it really had to be done, they said they did and they were cool with it.

Again, I’m glad that everyone was persevering despite it being a fast routine and me shouting everytime they make a mistake. Nonetheless, they supported each other, the cheered each other on to do their best in the parts where they had to dance. That was a really nice way to cap of the night. I am so proud of them and I really hope that next semester, when I visit, i’ll still see their faces in the dance area. FINGERS CROSSED!

I am beat! My body’s so sore. HAHA. Marco offered to give me a massage when all this dancing is over. Yeeeey to helpful boyfriends!!

Well, good night everyone.
Til the next entry.
xoxo samantha jean


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