Back story is here and also here. Just to get ahead of everyone else, I don’t have cancer. It’s my uncle who does.

The last time I blogged about his cancer journey was October of last year. Its March 2013 now, and things just got a lot worse.

To share with everyone what has been going on, from October 2012-February 2013, my uncle was doing fine. He was gaining weight, getting stronger and was going back to his normal self again. We were all glad that he was getting better. Mom even said that the cancer cells were actually going away.

But things took a turn for the worse a few days after Valentine’s Day. My family had valentine’s dinner together, and they told me that my uncle was strong as ever. We didn’t really expect anything bad to happen. After Valentine’s Day, he just didn’t feel like eating at all. He started to become very weak and dizzy.

They brought him to the hospital, and sooner or later, I got a text from my mom saying he’s in the ICU and, get this, under a coma. He has fluid in his head because, according to the MRI results, he has cancer seeds in his brain too, which are blocking the passage way of the fluid. There are a few times where my cousins said that he’d open his eyes for a couple of seconds or he’d move a bit, then stop moving.

My aunt (his wife) just can’t compose herself. She’s been crying everyday since they brought him to the hospital. We’re all trying to be strong for her. My mom spends most of her time there just to keep her company and cheer her up. Also, she’s there to explain all the medical stuff to my aunt.

I saw my uncle for the first time again since December just this Sunday. I did not expect to see him looking so weak and just helpless. I couldn’t stay in the ICU for a long time. I just stayed for a minute or two. If I stayed longer, I would’ve cried and kept on crying because I didn’t want my uncle to be in such a horrible state anymore. I want him to get better. Also, he resembles my dad. I saw my dad’s face in him a couple of times, and the thought of having either one of them in that situation just killed me.

Today, he had surgery because they had to put a tube in his throat so that he can breath better. My family got a private room for him too because my dad thought that the ICU was just too germ ridden after all the deaths that happened while my uncle was in there (Side story, my mom said that there was a woman who was already in the ICU and she died already, but they revived her. My mom helped. She’s under observation now. And just yesterday, there was a woman who died because of untreated UTI – sepsis. Her kids were there too, crying like crazy. I felt really bad for them. There’s another patient in the ICU who has problems with his colon and has a few dead toes because blood circulation in his body just isn’t good.)

I think my dad’s preparing himself of for the worst, but of course, he’s still hoping for a miracle to happen. We all are.

I hope you all are doing fine. ‘Til the next entry,
xoxo samantha jean


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