Officially Unemployed!

I did it, you guys! I graduated! I am officially done with college 🙂 Bad news is, I am now officially unemployed, and I still don’t know what to do from now on. But maybe a separate post on that when it’ll really sink in. HA.

I graduated twice, one graduation ceremony for my minors and one ceremony for my major.

March 21st – Minors Graduation
I minored in French and Hispanic Studies. I wasn’t even sure why I chose these languages.  I dove into class not knowing anything, and now, I’d like to humbly say I can at least keep up in a basic, slow-ish, conversation. I sometimes even can understand lyrics or films. NOTE: sometimes. I think I know my stuff. HAHA. I just panic when I have to speak to legit french and spanish speaking people. I’ve only been studying the languages for two years! Give me a break!

I’d like to continue studying, though. I might just enroll myself into the French and Spanish institutions we have here in the Manila (after I study and master whatever I learned Uni! hihi)

And now, pictures for you lovely people! 🙂


This is me receiving my certificate for completing my minor in Hispanic Studies with my professor, the dean of the School of Humanities and a man from the Spanish Embassy (I forgot his name!)


Here’s a picture of me receiving my certificate for completing my minor for French Studies. 

IMG_3751Con una de mis profesores favoritos, Luisa Young. Elle étais mon professeur en français 1, français 4, espagnol 2, 3, et 4. Gracias, Señorita! 

IMG_3753Con mi profesora en Español 1, Señora Heide Aquino. Gracias, Señora!

IMG_3757Avec notre professeur en français deux, JC Uy. Merci! 

IMG_3759Avec notre professeur en français 5, Mme. Soriano. She was one of the most difficult professors I’ve had, not because the course was hard but because she was hard to deal with. I’m glad to say I survived your class, Mme!

IMG_3761With Mommy Bau! She was never my teacher but she chaperoned us, along with one more professor, when we went on a Study Tour to France 🙂


These are our ever supportive blockmates and friend. (Seated farthest from the left, Sam, Standing: Mima, Ynna and Aiko.  They’re not yet graduating because Sam’s course is a 5th year one and the ladies standing studied abroad so they got delayed a semester and decided to apply for more minors so they will never leave Ateneo, ever. WHYY haha)

They cheered like basketball fans whenever a member of my block got called in front. Thank you so much for that, you guys! I’ve never felt so loved and supported ever in my life. :’) I’ve just the best friends anyone could ever ask for. 


LtoR: Diana, Aiko, Zeh, Mima, Me, and Cha


with my mom and dad 🙂 I hope I made you proud, parents! (even if I YOLOed the past 4 years. lol)


With the people who I share this experience with. See you in Europe, guys! 😉 

March 22nd – Official day of Ateneo kicking us out of school. “LOL, Bye, Bitches”

I didn’t want that day to come. I didn’t want to graduate, but I don’t want to go back to school either. HAHA. It’s been 5 days already and I totally miss everyone.


With my family 🙂 I did it, you guys!


Being the girls that we are, we wanted to remove our togas to show off our dresses..


and here they are! 😀

IMG_3864With our department secretary, Ms. Kai Lopez. She’s so kind and sweet. I’m going to miss her so much!

IMG_3877Block G1 represent!

IMG_3891With my Professor in various classes, Sir BJ Enverga. We have a running joke in the European Studies Program. He teaches so many EU classes that it’s impossible for you to not have a ‘minor’ under him. I’m still waiting for my certificate! 

IMG_3926We did it! 🙂 Thank you for making college more bearable.

IMG_3922Congratulations to us, babies! 


I still say we are THE DREAM TEAM.


No matter what, we’ll be there for each other, forever… 

IMG_3934Thank you for past 4 years. Looking forward to the 80+years ahead with all of you.
Just like John and Savannah, we will never say Goodbye. We will only say, ‘I’ll see you soon, then?’

Thank you, Ateneo for the most interesting four years of my life.

Thank you, G1. Each of you taught me different things, and I’m glad that I became a better, stronger, more independent person because of you guys. I will never forget the fights, the laughs, the tears, etc…that we all shared. I know that I can go to any of you and ask for help or share whatever story I have. I’m totally going to miss each and every one of you. I love you.

Thank you, ADSC. Thank you for trusting me to lead the club (even if I didn’t believe in myself). Thank you for being patient with me and adjusting to how I handle things. I am so proud of each and everyone of your for doing your best. I hope that you guys will keep on dancing, and I can’t wait to visit you guys soon!

Thank you, Marco. You’ve made my last year in the Ateneo special. I’m glad that we both took the same Spanish class. I’m glad I got to slap you in our Spanish play. HAHA. I’m glad that despite me turning you down the first try, you didn’t give up. Thank you for the past year. Looking forward to finally fulfilling our adventures.

Thank you to my professors. Thank you for pushing me to work harder. Thank you for caring for me if I didn’t submit a requirement that was at par with the previous ones that I submitted. Thank you for teaching me to always think for myself and to always think for others.

Thank you to my parents and siblings for the continuous love and support. I’ve told my parents a billion times that I wanted to quit Ateneo and just go back to my hometown. Thank you, mom and dad, for talking me out of it. I don’t want to promise anything. I wish for you guys to understand that I want to do something that’ll make me happy…(and be with someone who makes me happy.) I just wish that I’ve made you guys proud.

Lastly, thank you to Him. Thank you for continually guiding me and being there for me during the times I’ve wanted to give up. I’ve hung on to you countless of times. Thank you for allowing me to do that.

AB European Studies
Minor in French Studies
Minor in Hispanic Studies

I’m done with college. Time to sleep.

Samantha Jean


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