Write the greatest adventure ever told, Miss


Memories of you:

C – Crushes. Never have I met anyone in life who has a happy crush in almost every aspect in her life, whether he be a classmate, a guy  in a coffee shop, a guy at a party, a guy  in the library, wherever or whoever he may be, he’d have that special, little place in your heart. HAHA. I do hope that you’ll find the guy. I cannot wait when you do! I cannot wait to see you holding hands with someone, going on dates with someone, and most especially hearing  all the stories about him! weeeeeee haha

H – Hangovers. We’ve never gotten drunk together, but I just needed something to relate the “Party Phase” that we had. I will never forget how I could always count on you to be game for any party. haha. I will never forget how you would always attract a lot of people with your moves ; )  and I will never forget how even after a long, tiring night of fist pumping and screaming at each other’s ears so that we could speak to each other, you’d still want to party some more.

A – Aspirations. I admire how you have all these plans and goals in your head that you tell us you will accomplish, which you almost always do! haha. I cannot wait to read on your blog about the crazy things you’ll do next!

You’re leaving us tomorrow, and like I said, I still hate you for it. haha. But, I knew we wouldn’t always be near each other physically!!! However, you did tell me that you’re just a skype/fb message away. That’s comforting to know.

Padalan kaya kita ng care package every month. HAHAHA. Teka ha, magiipon muna ako ng pera! Chaaa! Mag ingat ka. Wag mo akong kakalimutan huhu. chos. Imposible kaya yun! HAHA. Basta, tawagan mo ako kung may accent ka na para mag-gaguhan tayo. Sana magiging masaya ka doon sa US. Makakasama mo na family mo, yeeeeey! I’m so happy for you : )

Thank you for always listening to whatever I have to say. Thank you for cheering me up with your side comments and your ‘Cha Face’! haha Thank you for being so honest and understanding. Thank you for sometimes eating the same portions of food that I eat so that I don’t feel like such a pig. haha. 

I’m going to miss you terribly!! But, if we were destined to meet each other once, we’re destined to meet again. I believe that. : ) So, write the greatest adventure ever told in your journals and on your blog. Keep us updated! I want to know and feel like you’re not on the other side of the world. And like what I always say, we will never say goodbye to each other, we will only say, ‘I’ll see you soon, then?’

So, I’ll see you soon, Cha. Have fun in Europe, but not too much fun. Don’t do anything Mima wouldn’t do. haha. I love you : )


One thought on “Write the greatest adventure ever told, Miss

  1. I’ll see you soon, twinnie!!! 🙂 Twins will always have that special connection, you don’t have to tell me not to forget about you cause I will never! ❤ I will try my best not to be lazy to write about what I see and experience! hahaha Thank you for being there all the time and for always supporting me in whatever I do, even in my kalandian!!! hahaha mamimiss ko mga kagaguhan mo, seryoso. Dami ko mamimiss! Pati ingay mo, pati mga stretching mo, pati mga PASIKLAB mong side comments. super dami! Be still and know that you'll always be in my heart wherever I go. I love you and I wish you the best in life! 🙂

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