5 Signs That Tell You You’re Grown Up

  1. You can pay for stuff now on your own. Gone are the days when you have to ask your parents for money if you something eye catching in the mall. You no longer have to walk into a store with your mom or dad right behind you. You no longer have to ask permission if you can buy the same bag in a different color or 5 pairs of bikinis or a dress that you most probably will never wear because you get to buy whatever you want now. There’s something fulfilling when you reach this stage in life. It’s even more fulfilling if you get to buy your mom the Hermes bag she always wanted but never could buy it because she’s paying for your and sibling’s tuition. (Someday, Ma!)
  2. Grandparent Mode ON. When you were in high school, you’d sleep at 4am and wake up at 7am, and you’d still have all the energy in the world. When you were in college, you were the life of the party. You’d hop from one club to the next and still make it in time for your exam 5 hours later. Now, you can’t even  stay up to watch the Late Show with David Letterman (or maybe you can. Good for you.) You think that 10pm is too late and you have to get up at 8am just because.
  3. Your problems evolved. Remember when your problems revolved about not submitting a paper on time or not being able to find something to wear to your friends birthday party? Those were the days, huh? Speaking as a newly grad, my problems evolved into not being able to find a decent job, not being able to know what to do with my life from now on. Yeeaaah this part of growing up isn’t too fun.
  4. You start putting up a mini gym in your house. You’d look at old pictures of you and ask yourself “What the hell happened?!” You start doing anything you can to get your old swim team body back. You start wishing that you should’ve done it sooner.
  5. You start thinking about moving in. If you’re in a long-ish relationship, the next thing to do so that you guys don’t miss each other every second of the day is to finally decide to live together. You start scouting the possible places where you two could buy a condo and start thinking about how you two would live together. “If only it were normal to move out after grad and, we could live together.” If only it were, Love.

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