If I had a twin sister…

It’s a twin thing. Thank you, I love you, and I miss you.

charm & courage

it would be this girl riding the bicycle with me: Jeannie! We look like twins, right? : P

Now that she has just turned twenty, here are 20 things about her that I love and miss.

1. She loves yellow. Everytime I see an extra extra bright yellow top, pants, cardigan or anything that screams yellow in a store, she always come to my mind. She is little miss sunshine, like literally, when she enters a room.

2. “Pasiklab!” It must be her favorite word or expression. I miss her say it! I actually hear it in my head right now. haha

3. She has really nice hair. It’s so shiny and always in place! If there was a Miss Beautiful Hair pageant, she’d totally win it.

4. She loves Pride & Prejudice! I think she has a collection of different versions of the book, which I want to…

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