Living & Learning On My Own

If you’ve read my previous blog post, I’ve mentioned that I had a part-time job offer to teach Spanish at an international school here in Manila. I went to the school to go for my interview yesterday. Everything went okay! I was really glad that I got to let my best friend come with me 😀 I am now officially teaching Spanish at Fountain International School! weeeeee The academic director who interviewed me was Turkish, and really nice. Although, it was difficult understanding what he was saying because of his accent. He told me to go back on Thursday to sign contracts, and the parent’s orientation is also going to be on that day. On Friday, it’s the orientation for the students. That’s when they get to choose which language they want (either French, Spanish, Mandarin or Turkish). I was really excited about this whole thing…up until about 6pm today.

My mom and I were at the local spa having our nails done. My mom suddenly received a text from my dad. My dad was saying something like just because I found my first job that this is it for me. He thinks that I’m just going to settle with being a language teacher all my life. He told my mom to tell me that there are more opportunities out there, and that I should rush into things. My dad said that I can just stay at home and my mom and just keep giving me allowance. WHAT IS THAT?! SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME.  -_- ( I get paid to bum at home? hahaha what is that.)

I got really maaaaaad. I told my mom do they think I’m stupid? Do they think that I don’t know all that? I told her I know what I’m doing, and I’m not going to settle for just the first job offer I get. I’m doing this to gain experience & to improve my Spanish. I also really really want to buy my siblings something with the money I earn. GUUUH.

I know they mean well, but I just can’t believe that they’re saying all of this. My parents can be the most controlling ones out there, I kid you not. My mom always tell me that my dad thinks that I’m still a little girl. Well, newsflash parents, I’m not anymore.

I need to learn the tricks of life on my own. I need to push myself to become more independent, and that’s what I’m trying to do. I hope that they start listening to me and realize that they’ve done their job wonderfully. Now, it’s my turn to figure things out. I want to be kicked and punched by life, no matter how frightening that may be.

Wish me luck, you guys 🙂

Samantha Jean


3 thoughts on “Living & Learning On My Own

  1. Classic. I think most young people have experienced that situation- especially with dads. I’m feeling with you there. I guess it just takes time for parents to accept that their children have in fact grown up have become responsible individuals with a mind of their own. It might be a slow process sometimes, but don’t let it upset you. I think your parents (and parents in general) actually know that you are able to make your own decisions, but they (or especially dads) might be a little reluctant to admit it, cause, well… they’d just like to keep you as their little girl forever. Believe me though, it’ll get ‘better’ 🙂

    1. I totally needed to hear that! Haha I do just keep telling myself that it will get better and I try my best not to let it affect me. Thanks so much for always being that burst of positivity, aside from a few of my friends 🙂 by the way, I never got your name!

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