Love is love, man

A couple of days ago, I shared this on Facebook. I think I shared it the day after DOMA and Prop 8 were struck down (YEEEEEEY!). My newsfeed was filled with love, happiness and everything else in between, and naturally, I wanted to share that feeling too to my friends.

However, a couple seconds after I shared the buzzfeed article, my old high school classmate (let’s call him Ted) messaged me and said, “Hey, I don’t like this post. Please remove it” I was in shock because for one thing, I didn’t think that I actually knew anyone who was so closed minded and would say that about something so beautiful, something so real and something not different from, let’s say, heterosexual marriage pictures.

Ted was never that person who would speak his mind. He would normally keep things to himself. So, when he sent that message,
all I could say at first was, “Ted?” I couldn’t believe it was him.
He replied, “Yes?” a couple of minutes later.
Then I asked him, “Are you really serious about what you said?”
After waiting another couple of minutes, he said, “Yes”. I was furious.
I asked him, “Why?” and at the same time posted a status (Now, I rarely post statuses) on Facebook saying, “I shared a buzzfeed article or heart warming pics of gay weddings. A couple of seconds later, a friend of mine here said “Hey, I don’t like this post. Please remove it.” Uhm, maybe I should remove you as my friend. (which I did) Soooome people” 

After waiting for what felt like forever, Ted finally replied and he said this, “Just kidding! Sorry” Ted is a very religious person. He has the star of David as his profile picture and he continually posts praise and worship songs on facebook and even on our high school facebook group. So when he said, “Just kidding”, that just pissed me off even more. I told him that this (homosexuality) was a very sensitive topic and that he chose the wrong person to mess with.

After saying that, he just sent me all these praise and worship links on FB which I didn’t understand why. So, I just really had to tell him off. I told him that if he didn’t like what I was posting, he shouldn’t have opened it and looked at it in the first place. I told him that he should respect my beliefs as I do respect his. And after that, I just didn’t really want to talk to him anymore so, I said I was done. He tried to add me again on Facebook, but I just didn’t really want to be associated with anyone like that.

A couple of minutes later, he sent me another message. He tried to apologize, but I felt like it wasn’t even sincere. All he said was “I do respect your beliefs. I’m sorry for what I did. I do understand. I get what you mean” blah blah blah But the thing is, I don’t think that he does or will ever will. I later on said that I couldn’t accept that kind of apology (I don’t think that even my LGBT friends would).

I then tried to tell him that the world is so much bigger than what he perceives it to be. The world is always changing and always growing, and his simple “please remove that” comment is still pulling everyone down because there are still people, like himself, who refuse to understand that love is love. period.

I’d like to think that this is not about religion – about what we are told in the Bible or any other religious book – not about beliefs – about what we are told what is good or what is bad –  but simply about equality…about giving everyone the right to love whoever they want to love. Love is love, man. Our LGBT brothers and sisters deserve the same right to marry, to express who they are, because they are not gays or lesbians, but people.


3 thoughts on “Love is love, man

  1. alexkellyoc

    Something close to this happened to me as well. For my country it is something more common because of cultural differences and History, I believe. I am really sad to inform you though, that such people like “Ted” exist everywhere. I really wish more people thought like you (and by the way, I want to congratulate you and and your country for achieving the DOMA disappearance). In Bulgaria, the Constitution states that marriage belongs to straight couples only, so something like that would be even harder to be achieved. we don’t even have “civil partnerships”.
    I read a Bulgarian article about the legalizing same sex marriages in California. The article was written politely and accurately but what pissed me off were the comments-out of 60+ comments, about 6 were positive only (and the number of haters is growing, sadly).
    I know it may seem a bit blurry written that way-don’t let people like Ted ruin your happiness.

    1. Hey, by the way, I’m from the Philippines! 😀 My country’s a really strict Catholic one, so the whole marriage equality thing is not even something to be talked about. There may be a lot of Ted’s in the world, but I’d like to believe that there are more people like you and me out there. And if I’m right, then we don’t have to wait anytime longer to see any form of equality in the Philippines or even in Bulgaria. If I’m wrong and there are more Teds, so what? We’ll keep on fighting for our LGBT brothers and sisters no matter what.
      Lots of love to you.

      Sincerely, Sam 🙂

      1. alexkellyoc

        Sorry, I got mistaken for thinking you’re from the USA.
        I’ve heard your cuontry’s really strict but you’re the 1st one that confirms it so far.

        I really do hope you’re right.

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