Day #7: A Travel Destination Where You Love The People

I will get my shit together for this challenge. I’ve been totally busy! Lo siento. I will do my best to be back on track this week. 

Let me take this time to appreciate my country and my fellow Filipinos. hehe

When tourists come to the Philippines, they say that the Filipinos are very nice and hospitable. Even Filipinos abroad do not disappoint! (REPRESENT!) Filipinos are known to always have smiles on their faces and find the good out of every situation, even the bad ones. Sure, there are a few stereotypes, but in general, I think we’re doing pretty damn good.

We have a dancing traffic enforcer. Gone are the days when being stuck in traffic is such a drag.

Our inmates spend their free time learning dance steps.

We have an elevator attendant that brightens up your day!

Aside from the good vibes that Filipinos bring, I love love love our nationalism!  PINOY PRIDE! I love how whenever there is a Filipino somewhere joining an international competition, we never fail to support them. I especially love how we cheered on the Smart Gilas in the FIBA Asia 2013 games. (See you in Spain, bitchezz)

If you’ve never been to the Philippines, I suggest that you book a ticket now ASAP. Aside from the amazing people, we have really really great tourists spots that’ll just take your breath away! Oh, and almost every Filipino can speak English! Watch the first video again if you need more convincing.

So there you have it.
Philippines for the ‘travel destination where I love the people’  : ) 


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