Day #10: A Relaxing Travel Destination

Let me take you back to my country, again. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of this place!

The only time I feel truly relaxed is when I go to the beach and just lie around while drinking fresh buko juice. mmmmmmm. I don’t have to think about life HAHA. All I have to think about is what I’m going to eat, when’s my next massage or what activity I’m going to do next. I always lose track of the days when we go on beach vacations. That’s when you know it really is good.

The place I’m talking about is this tiny bit of paradise found in the Philippines.


Boracay is known for its fine, white sand, diverse activities – such as parasailing, jet skiing, cliff diving, island hopping, snorkelling, helmet diving – local food, amazing sunset view & night life. It’s an hour away from Manila by plane. You land on the mainland first, then you ride a 15 minute boat ride going to the island. They have hotels ranging from very affordable to woah-man-that’s-what-I-make-in-a-year prices. I’m just exaggerating, but there are hotels that are pretty fancy (pricey)!

Personally, I don’t like partying in Boracay when I’m with my family because I’d just really really love to just chill by the pool, eat, get a massage, sleep early & wake up early to jog by the beach. That is my all time routine every time we go the island. We usually stay at Boracay Regency (located in Station 2). I super love the hotel! The rooms are great, their pool is big, their staff’s really friendly & welcoming, and their food…mmmmm, the food. When I went there with my friends last summer, I wanted to party, but I just decided to sleep instead. HAHA. Grandmother mode ON. We stayed at La Carmela (located in Station 3). It’s a cheap hotel which is great when you’re on vacation with friends because the logic is all you need is a bed & a shower to get some rest and freshen up. You don’t necessarily need all the other unnecessary fanciness. Just make sure to book room in the Executive Wing (I think that’s the name of their new wing.) The rooms in the older wings, I’m told, are not so great, even if all you need is a bed & a shower.

547954_10201006110297979_1666387106_nHere’s a picture of the Boracay sunset! This was just taken with my phone! It’s great in person!


Here’s a picture of my friends and I when we went there last summer. The sand’s super fine & soft! I love just lying down and listening to the waves crash when the sun is going down.

983967_10201237569884324_722007363_nThis is my sister and I trying out parasailing for the fist time. I was so scared because I am afraid of heights. While we were up there, I just kept shouting at my sister and telling her, “Bree!!! Talk to me! Tell me I can do this!! Talk to me! BREE!!! What if there’s a whale under us?!! Oh, Lord Jesus Christ protect us!!” haha I enjoyed it though, so we went on another ride the next day.
(lowest price: 600PHP for 15 minutes)

547079_10201006362744290_245297435_nWe totally pulled of a legit looking chicken fight, yeah? hahaha. I’d like to think so. We were killing time while waiting for the lame party to start.


Here we are helmet diving! It’s a really interesting experience. The pressure in your ears hurt like hell, though. Sometimes it goes away, other times, it doesn’t. The fishes look so beautiful! There isn’t much coral around you, though.
(lowest: 400PHP for 15 minutes)


Here’s a picture of some of my family on a banana boat. You sit on an inflatable banana shaped boat, hold on tightly while a speedboat pulls you around the deep waters. It’s really fun, especially when I rode it with my friends because all we did was laugh and laugh while trying our best not to fall into the water. The only downside to this is when the speedboat is pulling you, water is splashing you on your face fast. So, it hurts! It goes inside your eyes, nose and mouth. But, that adds to the fun! haha
(lowest price: 200PHP for 20* minutes) – I’m not sure if 15 or 20 minutes. 


Here’s a pic of my mom and cousins snorkelling by the boat. It’s part of their ‘Island Hopping’ package where they bring you to the different beaches on the island, and let you snorkel in a place with lots of fishes! Just make sure to bring bread so that tons of fishes will go to you. We usually just get bread from the hotel’s buffet during breakfast. HAHA.
(lowest: 300PHP per head for 3 hours of Island Hopping)

252460_2138536025987_4761989_nThis is the most tiring thing I’ve done on the island. MYGAD. It’s really thrilling, exciting and fun, but it just hurts your arms mostly, but also, your back, stomach, legs, butt when you come in contact with the water. Like the banana boat, a speed boat will pull this thingamabob. When it’s in normal speed, it’s like any ordinary inflated ride, but when the driver starts to hit the gas, the ‘Flyfish’ will automatically rise a few feet off the water in a 45 – 90 degree angle. You really really have to hang on for dear life. When you fall and hit the water, it hurts. But you’d just want to go back on it and do it again. It’s highly entertaining. Just make sure to wear something that won’t come off!
(lowest price: 400PHP for 15-20 minutes)

I totally recommend going here if you haven’t already. There are a lot of things to do (there are packages too so that you can save money!), lot’s of food choices & great scenery. I should warn you though, during the first few months up until April, the beach side is filled with seaweed. haha but everything’s still good. : )

Boracay is listed as one of the best beaches in the world!! : ) Care to judge for yourself?

Boracay for ‘a relaxing travel destination.’


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