Day #12: A Travel Destination You Don’t See The Appeal In

This took me .0002 seconds to think about. This place is totally famous with my fellow Filipinos because of the fashion, music, musicians, and even the language. But, for me, I totally am not attracted to anything related to this country at all, and also the country in general. I’m sorry! I know this country is beautiful, and all, but, if I were to arrange the countries according to the ones that I would want to visit and to the ones that I would least like to visit, this country is found towards the bottom of the list.

I’m talking about South Korea. Located near Japan, Russia and China,  it’s, I’m guessing, 4 hours away from the Philippines. It is a highly urbanized country, adding a whole new definition to fashion and music.

KPop, or Korean Pop, is very popular all over the world having PSY, Girl’s Generation and Big Bang spread it across oceans. There are people who are such dedicated fans that they even memorize the dance steps as well as the lyrics to their songs.

Korean Drama shows are famous also in various countries in Asia, and maybe in the West too, I don’t know. People have been falling head over heels over the protagonists of the Korean Dramas for ages. I’ve found a lot of people glued to their TVs when these shows are on.

The language, too, has interested a lot of people. Suddenly, people want to learn Korean! Anyong!

I’m sure their traditional culture is great and there are a lot of things to see there. The above mentioned are just a few things that help others experience South Korea. Maybe because I’m not a total fan of their music, TV shows, fashion, etc, that I’m not really 100% connected with the country. I’ve been seeing a lot of things related to South Korea for years now, and I feel like those just made the hype less exciting. (Am I making sense?) Which is weird, because if you see something different on TV or in a magazine, the usual thought is, “Hey, I think I’d want to experience that”, but not for me, nope. siigh*





Here are just a few pictures from South Korea. They look so beautiful, and all, but I just don’t feel a connection. Unlike if I see something from India or Indonesia, I immediately think, “OOOOH, I wan’t to go there someday!!” But here, nada. : (

P.S. I am in no way meaning to offend anyone. This is just my own personal preference & opinion. I still think that South Korea is beautiful, but maybe, it just isn’t for me.

South Korea for the ‘travel destination I don’t see the appeal in’. 


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