Day #13: A Travel Destination That Is Your Guilty Pleasure

I’ve totally failed doing this challenge a billion times, but I still am determined to finish it. Today’s the only day I finally found enough time to sit down and type on my laptop. For the past weeks, it’s either I’ve been to busy prepping for work, family stuff, or too tired to function after working out. But, no matter, I’m back with Day #13. heehee

I knew exactly what place I wanted to write about for Day 13. I haven’t met anyone who shares the same fascination as I do, so if you do want to go to this place too, leave a comment below! LOL

For Day 12, I wrote how I don’t see the appeal in South Korea. Now, I’m going to publicly announce that my travel destination guilty pleasure is the other Korea. Yup, not the KPop filled, cute Korea, but rather, the isolated, mysterious, sometimes scary Korea. Whenever I tell someone I want to go to North Korea, they think I’m some crazy person. Maybe I might be. BUT, it’s the whole not-everyone-is-allowed-to-go-to-North-Korea is what makes me want to go.

I want to see how they live and how different their country is. I will admit that I’ve spent a couple of hours scrolling through instagram posts of various photographers who have been to North Korea. They’ve posted a lot of pictures of propagandas posted everywhere, children having fun, North Korean technology that is a pretty out dated, tons of soldiers & cherry blossoms.

Here are a few reasons why I want to go to North Korea:

1. I want to see what’s on North Korean TV. What do they broadcast?

2. I want to see the soldiers march, specifically, the women soldiers.

3. I want to see their fearless leader.

4. I really really want to see their old computers.

5. I want to know what they know about the world.

It’s the not knowing what’s there that has got me hooked for the past decade 😀

PS. I couldn’t find nice pics to post hihi

North Korea for my travel destination guilty pleasure


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