What do you expect? You met them on Tinder.

There is a general stigma that people open their Tinder app and swipe left or right in the hopes of finding someone to cuddle with at night (after of course the Rated R stuff), and that’s it. Of course, that was what the app was made for, but I believe that isn’t the case for everyone.

Whenever I mention to my friends that I met a guy on Tinder, they’d immediately give a mixed look or try to be as nonchalant as they can be. (Bless my college friends, though, who don’t make a big deal out of it.) What’s the difference? What’s the difference between me meeting a guy in a restaurant, bar, or grocery store from meeting him on Tinder? Personally, I don’t go on Tinder to get the “booty”. I downloaded the app because I wanted to prove to myself that there are people out there who can actually hold a decent, substantial conversation, have the same interests as I do, and basically, are the opposite from my ex-boyfriend in terms of personality. As cliché as it may seem, I didn’t want to mark that one failed relationship as the only kind of relationship out there. Moreover, I was just generally very curious.

Going back to the title, that comment stemmed off from an incident when my friend caught his girlfriend cheating. Before I elaborate, I would like to say first that no one deserves to be cheated on. However, it wasn’t the most solid relationship to begin with because my friend had cheated on his girlfriend already countless of times. They were together for over a year, and genuinely loved each other (as they continually say).

So, what does Tinder have to do with it? Does being on Tinder immediately mark you as someone incapable of having genuine connections with another person? Does it easily make you a target for poor relationship circumstances? Is Tinder an easy scapegoat that people cannot complain if they’ve had their hearts broken over it? I’ve had friends who had relationships with people they’ve met on Tinder, and just like any relationship goes, they were genuinely happy about it. Unfortunately, they’ve all broken up already, but I doubt it was because they found each other on Tinder. The only common reason that rises of why things didn’t work out is that they weren’t compatible enough as much as they would like to be. And that’s ok! It’s normal. It isn’t a Tinder curse.

It’s littered across the media, movies, TV shows, and even on Friday night gossip sessions with friends that someone out there is either cheating on their partner, getting laid, or just out on a date. I feel like it’s so unfair to blame an app that only came along a few years back on the existing infidelity (How could you?), hook-up culture, (Remember, #ConsentIsSexy) or just plain casual dating scene that usually people my age enter into.

Out of the hundred matches I’ve gotten on the app, I’ve only met up with three of them. One was completely a big no-no from the start. He wasn’t a creep or anything. He was just exasperating. The other two, however, were great. Nothing romantic stemmed out of it which is fine with me. I consider one of them to be my guy best friend now. We tell each other everything – from mundane things happening in our day, to juicy gossip, to serious things like politic and family dynamics, and random jokes thrown here and there. The other is getting on that level. We just kind of met.

What should I expect? Nothing, really. Neither should you. It’s just online dating for crying out loud. No app (or website) is going to change the dynamics of how complicated relationships are. I don’t think adding that aspect is going to change anything. If anything, it actually makes things easier. It’s quick and saves a lot of time. Next time anyone scoffs at your alleged poor dating choices, pity them. Apparently, they aren’t as mature and open as yourself.


Stop Telling Me I’m Drunk

Stop telling me I’m drunk so you think you have an excuse to touch me. I don’t need you holding my hand while I get a glass of water. I don’t need you to help me sit back down. I don’t need you touching my shoulders to “help” me sit up straight. I especially don’t need you caressing my head while I dozed off. I am not drunk.

Stop telling me I’m drunk so you have an excuse to say that I need you. Why is it so hard for you to believe something like this:
“I guess I’m just the type of girl who doesn’t need to depend on a guy”
because all you said was:
“haha yeah right. Whatever. You’re going to eat your words.”
No matter how many times I said “I’m okay. Really”, and no matter how many times you’ve seen me move about the room soberly (going to the restroom, getting a glass of water, changing the music playlist), you insist that I need your help, like I’m a 6 year old girl who can’t decide for herself. Why?
I am not drunk.

Stop telling me I’m drunk so you have an excuse to follow me around to make sure “I’m okay”.
“Let me just stay right here beside you.”
“No, it’s okay. You can go back in. I just wan’t to look at the sky.”
“Haha. Don’t be stupid. Should I lie beside you now?”
I am not drunk.

Stop telling me I’m drunk to come up with stories about you and I. I didn’t tell the room about whatever non-existent past we had. I was completely aware of what I was saying, no matter how slurred they may have seemed to you. I asked one of our friends if I’ve said anything. She said, “Uh, no.” Stop putting words in my mouth. I am not drunk.

Stop telling me I’m drunk to blame me for “coming on to you”. I in no way “came on to you”. All I’ve said (not even remotely close to coming on is), “Come on and join the game!!!!!!” You said I kept touching you. HA. HAHAHAHA. The only touching I did was the same touching I did to everybody else – put my hands on all of your shoulders to either get your attention or to let you guys know I was passing behind you. I am not drunk.

Stop telling me I’m drunk so that you have an excuse to criticize me about my body. “Oh wow, you have a lot of stretch marks.” “Your breasts look small.” “You do squats? HAHAHA….ok, sure.”
I don’t know if you’ve said those things hoping that I would forget them the next day. I am not drunk.

Stop telling me I’m drunk to make my ‘NO’ sound meaningless. No, I do not want to kiss you. No, I do not want to date you. No, I do not need a hug.
“hahaha, ok. sure…..but, can I at least have a kiss?”
Didn’t you just ask me that, and didn’t I just say no?
I am not drunk.

Stop telling me I’m drunk to make whatever you wanted to happen justifiable.

How We Almost Became Strangers Again

“I don’t feel the same way anymore.” I told him that last Friday while we were having dinner with my college friends. We told them we were going for a walk, but truth is, we were just outside the restaurant trying our best to patch things up. He kept telling me he loved me, and I kept telling him “I don’t know”. (Actually, I did know. I was just being stubborn and didn’t want to get hurt again.) I was crying, and he teared up as well.

Before all this happened, we were definitely so in love and happy. He thinks its the happiest we’ve ever been. We were even daydreaming about going to Palawan on one of anniversaries when we were old enough and had saved up enough money. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But just like on any roller coaster, when you first muster up the courage to take your seat, pull down the safety bar, and wait anxiously and painfully (with maybe tears streaming down your face) for the coaster to climb for what feels like an eternity, before you are swept away into a high and a mixture of happiness and vulnerability…  – we were there. We were in that struggle again. The only difference this time is, the tracks on this coaster we rode on seemed to be at a dead end before it reached the top.

He hurt me greatly, and I told him that I’ve had enough. Typical. I automatically built my wall again, which he was successfully able to tear down before. We took a break for a week. The first two days were terrible. I kept checking his twitter or facebook for updates, but on the third day, I got over it. I got scared that it was that easy for me to almost give up on this almost 2 year relationship, but I was frustrated and all my guards were up that I didn’t care.

He texted me on the fourth day at 5am. He texted so many messages simultaneously that the text tones created like a continuous alarm tone that eventually woke me up for work. His messages were heart felt and I finally knew what I was searching for on his twitter and facebook accounts, that he was hurting too. He texted a lot about how sorry he was, how he would change, and treat and love me the way that I deserve to be treated and loved. I kept replying that I wasn’t sure if we were going to be okay again or that I didn’t trust him anymore. I was scared. He kept telling me he loved me, but I couldn’t say it back just yet. I cried some more, and I think that he did too. He was all talk, so I really couldn’t completely see how sincere he was until he would deliver it with actions. I invited him to have dinner with my college friends and I on Friday to hopefully make things better.

I didn’t know what to expect or do when Friday came. I was 60% sure of forgiving him and 40% sure of just hiding behind my wall, trying to play all tough and out of love. My friends and I picked him up at St. Francis Square. At that time, my friends didn’t know that we were having problems. I didn’t want them to worry. He had yellow roses with him and wore a yellow polo top. He has never given me flowers just because in the whole time we’ve been dating. You knew he would do everything he could to win me back. My friends got all giddy, and I have to admit I did too, but again, I was stubborn and still behind my wall to show any emotion.

And now, we’re back to the beginning of this story. We talked, and I told him I didn’t feel the same way anymore. That wasn’t completely true. It was a constant dance between me holding his hand, and 5 minutes later, I would let go or me giving him a hug and 10 seconds later, I would look the other way with a complete blank stare on my face. One thing you should know about me, if I wanted to break up with someone already, I would’ve done it by the beginning of this story. I would’ve done it cold heartedly without caring for what the other person thinks or feels. But, this was different. In the words of Rachel Berry, “He was my person.”

After crying some what uncontrollably in the mall (luckily there weren’t many people around), I finally said what  we both needed to hear out loud, “We’re going to be okay, right? ” “Yes, we are.” We were like Hazel and Augustus from The Fault In Our Stars. “Okay” was our safe word. At the end, I listened to the 60%. 

We finally reached the top of the coaster, and dropped, holding each other’s hands. Excitement, thrill, adrenaline, and happiness were rushing through our veins as if that struggle to climb was nothing but a dream. We looked each other in the eye and smiled because we knew we were always going to be okay.  

Summer 2013

I’ve been MIA for a couple of days because I haven’t had the time to blog or I couldn’t think of anything interesting to blog about. lol. Anyway, I’d just like to share to you guys my trip last week with a few of my friends.

I was living the modern island life from April 11-16. We went to Boracay, a really famous island in our country (you guys should go there for vacation!!! :D)  from the 11th-14th and travelled to Antique (a province in the Philippines) and stayed there from the 14th-16th. It was a much needed vacation after all the college stress and what not, and I’m glad I got to spend time with my girls, so that’s a plus! 🙂

Here are pictures from our trip!

DSC03909We spent our first day just chilling by the beach. We were still waiting for two of our friends to arrive later that night. 


You can’t ask for anything more. 


Our succeeding days was always filled with activities. First up, we went snorkelling. Props to my friend, Zeh, for this picture! 


The rest of the group…bubbles everywhere! lol 


This experience deserves two thumbs up! 


After snorkelling, our tour guide brought us to a different part of the island. The view was just breathtaking, I mean, all you could see was the sea, sure, but the color and the calmness of it all…just priceless. 


I’d love to wake up to this everyday. That’s me with by London Buddy, Trisha 🙂 


After taking the pics above, we decided to swim in the beach 


An artsy fartsy-ish picture for you guys HAHA That’s Trisha, Sophie and Karen reflected on my sunglasses from F21. 


Next up, we went Helmet Diving. The only downside to this activity is that the pressure on your ears hurt like hell! It goes away though, so don’t worry 🙂 


After all the activities for that day, we decided to have a staged chicken fight lol 


We chose to chill by the beach while waiting for the party to start 


And of course, a trip out with your girls wouldn’t be complete without going to a party! 

The next few days on the island was just spent chilling, walking around, eating, and a bunch of other activities which we failed to document. lol After our stay in Boracay, we took a boat ride to the main island and drove for an hour or so to Antique.


We went on a mini trek twice. The first one was to see the end of a river, I think (LOL), the second one was to see the Bugtong Bato Waterfall. 






Our guide climbed the Coconut tree, cut off a few branches and voilà! Fresh coconut! 🙂 
544072_10151335232767245_983292575_nIt was so yummy! 🙂 


This was taken on our second day in the province. Like I said earlier, we went on another trek to reach the falls. 


The water was freezing cold, but it felt so nice to be in it. Our photographer had a part of her finger on the camera lens, hence the picture haha


After the trek, we had lunch and went kayaking on the slightly flowing river. The river was too shallow, as in our kayaks were just hitting the rocks, but nonetheless, it was a fun experience 🙂 


This is a Kawa. It’s like a hot bath. They filled it with really really hot water and leaves and flowers that smell heavenly. We wanted to create an ad like picture. Were we successful? haha



Sophie and I were directly above the fire so we could really feel the heat. 


After the hot bath, we went to another place where they had a Fish Spa. The fishes nibble on you removing dead skin. At first it’s really ticklish, like you can’t even imagine, but later on, you won’t even feel a thing. I highly recommend this!


On April 16, it was time to say goodbye to the chill life. 



Those couple of days spent with the best people ever was more than I could ever ask for. I enjoyed their company and all the activities that we did together. I’m looking forward to the day when we’ll all have enough money to have vacations outside the country. HAHA Time to save up, girls. Next up, Europe. (Hey, a girl can dream, right? 😉 )

Til The Next Entry,

Samantha Jean

P.S. pictures taken by Zeh, Diana and myself

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Chica!



Happy happy birthday to one of the strongest, most independent, wildest person I know! You’re 22 years old now, but it doesn’t seem that way. It’s like you’re 14, 16, 25, 30, 2, and sometimes 40. I’m not talking about how you look, because Mother, you look daaaamn fine. I’m talking about how you think and act. You can be the most sabaw person in the room or you could be the most intellectual, mature person too.

I will never forget how we bonded over Harry Potter and most especially, the Potter Musicals on Youtube. I will never forget how we would always click ‘next page’ on Tumblr until we feel like zombies. I will never forget how we YOLOed Betos’ class because it was the most boring class we ever took. ever. in our lives. period. I will never forget how you’d always live tweet everything that you do. I’ll never forget about that night when our Austrian friends came over. (never again. NEVER AGAIN.)

Thank you for always offering your car when we go out on our block dates. HAHA. Thank you for always feeding us with Mama D’s baked goodies. Thank you for always being so supportive if at least one of us does something amazing or achieves something great. Even if we did something stupid, you’d still stand by us. Thank you so much for that.

You’ve taught me so much…From how to pack lightly, to IR stuff for school, to love life and relationships. We don’t call you Mother Mima for nothing. We go to you for advice because we know that you’ll never fail us! I’m so happy you’re permanently (YES YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE) in my life.

I wish you all the best and good luck in your final year as a college student. I cannot wait until I get to see you again and laugh about the most random things on the internet! I miss you so much, Mother! I hope you’re having the time of your life right now. How’s the kangaroo? ; )

!Feliz cumpleaños, Chica! Te amo : )

Write the greatest adventure ever told, Miss


Memories of you:

C – Crushes. Never have I met anyone in life who has a happy crush in almost every aspect in her life, whether he be a classmate, a guy  in a coffee shop, a guy at a party, a guy  in the library, wherever or whoever he may be, he’d have that special, little place in your heart. HAHA. I do hope that you’ll find the guy. I cannot wait when you do! I cannot wait to see you holding hands with someone, going on dates with someone, and most especially hearing  all the stories about him! weeeeeee haha

H – Hangovers. We’ve never gotten drunk together, but I just needed something to relate the “Party Phase” that we had. I will never forget how I could always count on you to be game for any party. haha. I will never forget how you would always attract a lot of people with your moves ; )  and I will never forget how even after a long, tiring night of fist pumping and screaming at each other’s ears so that we could speak to each other, you’d still want to party some more.

A – Aspirations. I admire how you have all these plans and goals in your head that you tell us you will accomplish, which you almost always do! haha. I cannot wait to read on your blog about the crazy things you’ll do next!

You’re leaving us tomorrow, and like I said, I still hate you for it. haha. But, I knew we wouldn’t always be near each other physically!!! However, you did tell me that you’re just a skype/fb message away. That’s comforting to know.

Padalan kaya kita ng care package every month. HAHAHA. Teka ha, magiipon muna ako ng pera! Chaaa! Mag ingat ka. Wag mo akong kakalimutan huhu. chos. Imposible kaya yun! HAHA. Basta, tawagan mo ako kung may accent ka na para mag-gaguhan tayo. Sana magiging masaya ka doon sa US. Makakasama mo na family mo, yeeeeey! I’m so happy for you : )

Thank you for always listening to whatever I have to say. Thank you for cheering me up with your side comments and your ‘Cha Face’! haha Thank you for being so honest and understanding. Thank you for sometimes eating the same portions of food that I eat so that I don’t feel like such a pig. haha. 

I’m going to miss you terribly!! But, if we were destined to meet each other once, we’re destined to meet again. I believe that. : ) So, write the greatest adventure ever told in your journals and on your blog. Keep us updated! I want to know and feel like you’re not on the other side of the world. And like what I always say, we will never say goodbye to each other, we will only say, ‘I’ll see you soon, then?’

So, I’ll see you soon, Cha. Have fun in Europe, but not too much fun. Don’t do anything Mima wouldn’t do. haha. I love you : )

17 Reasons why Larrisa Ann is Amazing

1. She’s a dreamer. Now I know a lot of people are dreamers, but Larrisa’s different. She comes up with ideas and dreams one after the other. If she isn’t able to reach one, she doesn’t give up. She finds a way around it. Nothing can pull her down. She lives her life well.
2. She laughs at the simplest things. and I mean the SIMPLEST things. “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…Hover Squirrel” Yup, that makes her laugh.
3. She’s an only child. Some only child people are stereotyped as snobby, spoiled and introverted. This girl is the total opposite. I think the fact that she’s an only child made her more sociable and loud. She doesn’t brag about the stuff she owns.
4. She loves  dogs and doesn’t like cats. High five!
5. She’s a basketball freak! She knows all the terms, rules, fouls, players’ names, coaches’ names, team names, team colors, EVERYTHING. She can be a coach or something. She can’t play to save her life though.
6. She eats anything and everything in her path and still manages to keep a fiiiiine figure. People hate her for that, myself included.
7. She’s a student at the School of Fashion and Arts here in the Philippines. She has that hipster creative thing going on. (HAHA. I don’t know what I just said.)
8. She drinks like that one uncle we all have who gets drunk during family reunions. But, the main difference is, she’s fabulous and your uncle isn’t.
9. She knows how to actually use an SLR. She knows what aperture, ISO, and shutter speed mean. She’s not some random rich kid who bought an overpriced camera just for kicks. She knows how to use the damn thing!
10. She likes horror movies. Yup, that’s right… She’s no wuss like you.
11. She’s doesn’t let the haters get to her. She just finds a way to make them feel that their lives are more pathetic than ever.
12. She’s a California girl. Play Katy Perry’s song now.
13. She’s 5 foot tall, and yet, she fights like a bouncer in a club. If you’re her friend, she’s got your back.
14. She has an inner gangsta thing going on. She knows all the rap singers, rap songs, ghetto language and the like.
15. She loves to read. Everyone loves a girl who reads.
16. Although she’s a girly girl now, she can get down and dirty too!
17. You can have a conversation with her that’ll last for hours!! You can talk about anything under the sun, literally. There’s never a dull moment with this one.

This is for you, homie. Belated happy happy birthday! I hope that your life will forever be filled with color and adventure. Thank you for always listening to what I have to say, for always cheering me, for feeding me, for understanding my laziness…thank you literally for everything. I’m so glad I got to know you and got to be close to you, even though up until to this day, we don’t know how that happened. HAHA. I miss you! I can’t wait to see you next week! I love you to the moon and back!


What makes me feel infinite

This post is dedicated to my friends and every moment I spend with them. I haven’t had time to blog since last week because I’ve just been so busy! Allow me to walk you through what happened for the first part of last week! 🙂

March 18
We had our practice for graduation. I was really looking forward to it because I was going to see my friends again 🙂 It was just to early though! I wasn’t used to waking up at 6 in the morning. HAHA (excuse me for being a couch potato) We ended at around 11am with our tummies grumbling and sweat dripping down our faces. After the grad practice, I had lunch with my blockmates at Kenny Roger’s. I was so hungry, I ate a lot again compared to my friends! Oops! After that, I brought Mima and her brother, Johann, to the University of the Philippines because Johann had to audition for the UP College of Music. I dropped them off first and had to submit some UP Law stuff for my brother (In case you didn’t know, he passed Law School! :D). After that, I went back to where Mima and Johann were. The strings section were auditioning that time. Johann was going to play the classical guitar, and it was so nice listening to the people play. It was like a lullaby; I didn’t want to leave. HAHA. Eventually, I had to because I had to get ready for my dance teacher’s birthday celebration at the dance studio. It was a really fine way to cap off the night. I was dancing for the heck of it, without having to worry about people watching or stress at school or at home. I was just dancing for fun. Here are some pictures documenting my day! 🙂


Taken during our graduation practice! The stage looked so pretty during the grad day itself! 🙂 

IMG_6096Taken at the dance studio with the people who helped me survive my term as president for the ADSC. Thank you so much!! I will miss you guys! I will try to visit as often as I can 🙂 


With the new ADSC boys. Thank you for your enthusiasm. I hope that you guys won’t quit! When I visit, I hope you guys will be dancing circles around me! HAHA 


Here’s a picture of Dance Instructors dancing to KPop Music…


….and here are a few ADSC members trying to copy them. HAHA

March 19
SLEEPOVER WITH G1! That was what happend last Tuesday. HAHA We agreed that we would meet at 11am, but most of the people arrived at 6pm. (Boo, you whores! haha) Nevertheless, it was fun and all we did was laugh, eat, quote Pitch Perfect, cry (A LITTLE!!!), and just talk. Oh, and it was Gruta’s first sleepover ever IN HER ENTIRE LIFE. I’m so glad that she was able to finally sleepover! Here are pictures from the awesome night!


Because we arrived a little passed 11am (as what was agreed upon! haha), my blockmates had time to finish up their dedications for the rest of the block. 


We watched Pitch Perfect because no sleepover now would be complete without it. We watched it while waiting for other people to arrive. 


After the movie, the girls and I got hungry and decided to walk to one of the restaurants nearby. It took us longer than expected because some of them had to scream and run around whenever they saw a cockroach. HAHA. 


After dinner, we walked back home and surprised 3 of our blockmates with cupcakes! 🙂 They graduated with honors and we are all so proud of them! (LtoR: Karen, our Magna Cum Laude and Program Awardee, Lanz (not in picture so we had to use his grad pic instead), honorable mention, and Mikee, honorable mention) 


We then went into more serious things when we started to talk about life, family, friends, school, and love. 

Thank you for the past four years, girls + Lanz. No goodbyes, only, “See you soon!”

March 20
SENIOR SEND-OFF! My Uni has this tradition to send off the graduating seniors. They call in the Blue Roast (Roast because they had to roast a calf or two to feed us! lol) It was one of the best nights of my life, I swear! I spent it with the people that I love, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I felt that our sisterhood and friendship with other people become stronger and I know that it’ll last a lifetime. We ate, laughed, cried (this time, A LOT!!!), sang, and just enjoyed the night. We were given blue roses to give to whoever meant to most to us, the person who was a true friend, the person who became more than a friend…the list is endless Again, here are some pictures!


To the person I gave my Blue Rose to, thank you for the past year 🙂 Also, thank you for slow dancing with me. That my first time to slow dance EVER, and I’m glad that I shared the experience with you!

IMG_6158With one of the best girl friends you could ask for. Thank you for the crazy, spontaneous nights. I love you so much, Ms. Ganda! Keep in touch, okay? 

IMG_61612009, we only had 3 guys in the block. Two guys left the next year and the one who stayed turned out to be gay. 3 years later, we welcomed our arms to the best guys you will ever meet. They are protective, funny and are under our control. (semi chos) HAHA 


I gave another rose to this cutie! He came out of the closet during our sophomore year. I still remember the night when he messaged first 7 people from the block. I was lost for words, and I wasn’t able to sleep. Nonetheless, we accepted him whole heartedly. I gave my rose to Lanz because he is our dakilang boyfriend. haha He was all our boyfriend before some of us found real ones. HAHA. He cared for each of us and always wanted the best for us. Thank you, Lanz. I love you so much! 

IMG_6163To the crazy, weird, sabaw moments we shared….

IMG_6162 IMG_6165

… to opening ourselves up to love and to sharing every kilig moment …


… to finally having the courage to admit to the people that we love …


… to finally closing old wounds …


… and to celebrating friendship (friendship nga lang ba? :> haha)..Never have I felt that alive. I only do when I’m with you guys! I hope to see you guys in the big leagues. I wish that you will choose your happiness first. I don’t want you guys living miserable lives! hihi I’m so excited to see what life has in store for us. I can’t wait until our paths will cross again. I love each and everyone of you…to infinity and beyond!

As I have said, this post is dedicated to them: ADSC, G1, and FoG1s. Thank you for making my stay in the Ateneo more bearable. I cannot wait to see you guys again. I miss you guys already!!!

See you soon! 😉

Samantha Jean 

P.S. Pics and whatever about graduation on a different post! hihi

I don’t really want Friday to come

On Friday, March 22, 2013, I will be graduating from Uni. I’ve waited for that day ever since I started my Freshman Year. Finally, I get my reward for the four years I’ve walked willingly and sometimes unwillingly from class to class, for a billion sleepless nights, for all the studying and not studying, for all the rants about lazy professors and boring ones, for all the eureka moments, and for all the emotions I’ve released on campus.

Although I want the academic part of my life to be over, I really don’t want Friday to come. After Friday, God knows when I’ll be seeing my blockmates, my boyfriend, my undergrad friends, my dance sport club babies, and FoG1s again.

This is what I hate about graduating. You’ll have to start all over again, in my case when I enter the next stage of life: FINDING A JOB. If I do find a job immediately, I’ll will not know anyone at first, I will have to introduce who I am again, make a new routine, and wait until everything is familiar already. If I don’t find a job, I might as well be occupied looking even harder and thinking about what and how my friends are doing, when will I see them again, are they in the same plight as I am, etc. etc.

I know that we will still communicate with each other, I’m sure of it. It’s just going to be different, after four years of seeing the same faces every day and night, by Friday, I will barely see them again. And that’s what scares me the most. 

Maybe we should have monthly reunions or something. I really cannot say goodbye to my blockmates. I consider them my sisters. Four years of friendship may seem short to some, but we have sealed it to last forever.

My boyfriend’s going back to Seattle on the 31st. He said that he’ll stay there for a month and a half and come back here in the Philippines. That’s waaaaaay better than the whole it-might-take-years-before-we-see-each-other idea that we both had a couple months ago. It’s great and everything that he’s coming back and all here in Manila. The problem I think is on my side. LOL. My hometown is a city outside of Manila. I do not know when I will go back to Manila. We’ll figure it out, love! 🙂

As to my undergrad friends, I will visit as often as I can! I want to hear stories from you guys – your own encounters now with lower batches. I cannot wait!

It just sucks that I won’t be seeing them on a daily basis. Time to make an effort to make sure that I almost always will.

Til the next entry,
Samantha Jean

Happy Birthday, Cleopatra!


Happy Birthday to one of the first friends I made in college and also to one of my closest ones today!  I am so excited for whatever is out there for you! I cannot wait to see you in magazines and tell people and boast that I know you and you are my friend. HAHA. I sincerely wish you all the best and know that whenever you need something, I am one of those people who will not think twice to say…….NO. CHOS. KIDDING! haha I will forever be by your side if ever you need something, even if we may be miles apart. I will forever support you in whatever your choice is in life. FOREVER GONNA BE A STAGE FRIEND! I am saying these things because I know with all my heart that you will make it out there, you will be famous!!! 😀 and when you already are, you will feed me!

On to more personal things, thank you for your laughter, your jokes, your insights, your understanding nature and love for making college bearable. You are one of the smartest, down-to-earth people I know and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. You taught me how to NOT STUDY haha, and more importantly, you taught me how to be strong and carefree. You taught me that simplicity is also beauty and that we shouldn’t try hard to get people to like who we are. You taught me to fight for what we believe in and that we shouldn’t take bullcrap from people. You taught me so much, I don’t even know why I even bothered going to school. HAHAHA. (Sayo nalang sana ako nakinig for 4 years. chos haha.) We have been friends for four years now, and I cannot wait to see how our friendship will grow in the following years to come.

You are a dreamer! Never ever stop dreaming because, honey, that means you’ll stop living, and I know you just want to make the most out of everything you have! Also, try not to fall asleep at the most odd places HAHAHA I have tons of pictures of you sleeping!

I will miss you so much, Zelpha Marie, and I cannot wait to see your face in a Vogue Magazine one of these days! 🙂

Thank you so much, Ms. Bahamas! I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and sister. Happy happy birthday, again! May your life be forever filled with color and adventure 🙂

**Zeh is an awesome make-up artist! You guys should check out her make-up blog here!