Stressful Week Ahead

I’m not sure if it was yesterday or two days ago where I was asked to join the Ateneo Idol along with my dance partner. The cash price for the winner is PHP20,000. The Ateneo Dancesport Club really could use that kind of money. With all the money problems with the PE Department and the upcoming Ateneo Open Dancesport Competition in February, PHP20,000 would really be very helpful.

However, two problems arise in my current situation. First, I just found out yesterday that we had to audition before joining the competition. My partner and I were panicking like crazy last night on how we were going to choreograph a 3 minute routine in such a short time. We will manage. In fact, yesterday, we already finished roughly 2 minutes of the routine. There’s still a long way to go to finish the last minute. For me, that’s always the hard part when choreographing a dance. The end must always me something that will really leave a huge impact to the judges and the audience. Also, we still have to clean the dance and perfect our highlights. We’re having a bit of a trouble thinking of highlights that would wow the audience. Second, after the audition, what if they say ‘no’? HAHAHAHA. I’ve checked the sign-up sheets and there are only a few couples who have signed up. I hope they won’t say no to anyone because the more acts there are, the better the show’s going to be. I don’t want to jinx our chances by saying anything more.

Besides these two things I have to worry about, there are those little details that are, of course, very important. These are our costumes, the music that we’re going to use, make-up, etc… Basically, presentation wise, we still don’t know what to do.

Starting today til next Saturday, I will be rehearsing non-stop for the Ateneo Idol and also for the Ateneo Fair because we will be performing there as well. I am preparing myself for the physical pain that I will have to endure during this time HAHA. I’m ready for the blisters, muscle pains and bruises. (My back and abs still hurt from Wednesday’s training. It hurts to cough or sneek HAHA)

Aside from this, I have to pass a book review on the 10th for my International Political Economy Class and a test on the 11th in my French class.

Right now, I’m not panicking as I would have before. I will face next week with a positive mood and try to do by best to finish all the tasks I have at hand. For me, it’s bearable because I get to do what I love to do and the academic requirements are fairly okay for me.

‘Til the next entry.


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